Network for Fish Quality Management & Sustainable Fishing
(A society under MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)


  1. To function as the focal point for upgrading the technology and quality management of fishing and fish processing sectors at the grass roots level with a view to improving the quality of marine products, exported from India.
  2. To organize appropriate training programmes on fish quality management and conservation of fish resources for fishing and fish processing industry in all the maritime states of India to impart knowledge to fishermen/fisherwomen/processing workers, technicians, etc.
  3. To network with stake holder organization like fishermen's societies, mechanized boat operator's societies, and fishermen's federations, etc. Organization of processing and pre processing workers all over the country by inducting their representatives in to the general body of the society.
  4. To assimilate, absorb and transfer technologies related to capture fisheries.
  5. To forge or develop systematic linkages between international, national/state/district institutions of excellence in the field of extension and marketing.
  6. To recruit qualified technical personnel and staff adequate to carry out the objectives.
  7. To generate internal resources by offering various services to the sector and to member societies.
  8. To facilitate public or private investment in infrastructure development.
  9. To receive and expend project funds, maintain revolving accounts, enter into contracts and agreements, receive donations and provide services and deliver goods to beneficiaries.
  10. To induct competent and experienced technical experts and other skilled manpower available in the fisheries sector, who opt voluntarily to be a member in the society, without any restriction of caste, age and sex for executing the extension training programmes.
  11. To acquire from any person, firm ,body corporate or government departments or agencies in India or abroad, technical information , including know-how, process operating data, plans designs, blue prints or any other information assistance required of conducting extension, training programmes and to transfer such technical know-how, plans designs and other relevant information to fishermen/processing workers/technicians through the extension training programmes in various maritime states of India.