Network for Fish Quality Management & Sustainable Fishing
(A society under MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)


NETFISH conducts extension training programmes for fishermen in an extensive manner with a view to imparting knowledge among them on fish quality management and sustainable fishing.

We acquire technical information, including know-how, process operating data, plans designs, blue prints or any other information assistance required for conducting extension training programmes from all available sources and transfer such information to stakeholders through various extension training programmes. It network with stake holder organizations like fishermen's societies, mechanized boat operator's societies, fishermen's federations, etc. organization of processing and pre processing workers all over the country by inducting their representatives in the general body of the society. It also facilitates public or private investment in infrastructure development. NETFISH forge or develop systematic linkages between international, national/state/district institutions of excellence in the field of extension.

Training Aspects

With the growing importance of total quality management in seafood production, post harvest handling has assumed paramount importance. Although India has world class seafood processing plants which take care of the final stages of post harvest handling, concerted efforts are lacking in the initial stages of the quality chain. There is a feeling among fishermen that they are completely left out of extension programmes because of the lack of reach. They do not get vital information on the quality requirements in international seafood trade as well as newly emerging areas.

Considering this issue NETFISH's extension training programmes deal with two major aspects. One is Fish Quality Management and the other is Conservation and Sustainable Fishing.

Topics Deal with in Fish Quality Management

  • Hygienic Onboard handling of fishes onboard
  • Hygienic Handling of fishes at harbours
  • Handling fishes at pre-processing centers
  • Good fish markets
  • Production of good quality dry fish
  • Hygienic harvest of fishes from aqua farms

Topics Deal with in Conservation and Sustainable Fishing

  • Coral reefs
  • Mangroves
  • Marine turtles
  • By-catch reduction
  • Juvenile fishing
  • Marine pollution
  • Night trawling
  • Trawl ban and its importance
  • Destructive fishing methods
  • Eco-friendly fishing methods
  • Marine protected ecosystems
  • Mesh size regulation
  • Responsible fishing
  • Wild seed collection


Various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been selected as members in NETFISH considering their past records on conducting fisheries development programmes. Personals from these member NGO's are being trained on various fisheries extension programmes with the help of reputed fisheries institutes /universities /departments/scientists, etc. are utilized for conducting various extension programmes among fisher folk. Both theory and practical classes on above mentioned topics are being arranged for the fishermen.


NETFISH uses various extension tools such as Documentaries, Animation films, Leaflets, Posters, training manuals, etc., for the effective conduct of these extension trainings.